digitalSTAGE is a live video production company specialising in large format projection, LED screens and live streaming of concerts, live events, festivals and theatre productions.

We were founded by experienced professionals who understand the unique pressures of the live event production business. We offer crewing & production services for live events, live web streaming and IP uplink facilities.

We were set-up in 2012 by Alex Markham who has years of experience in the world of live event production, working as a sound engineer and running a sound-hire company. Since then the company has expanded year-on-year. We now draw from a pool of many different freelance staff, all of whom have been selected for their specific talent.

We can easily scale our services and resources to supply everything from one crew member, such as a vision mixer, camera operator or sound engineer, through to a full crew, studio and producer to make sure your event is given the attention it deserves.

We’ve worked with many different clients of all sizes from national broadcasters to hollywood stars to solo artists.

Give digitalSTAGE a call on 0161 408 1800

Alternatively, you can contact us by email or visit us at digitalSTAGE, The Sharp Project, Thorp Road, Manchester M40 5BJ

We promise to keep our business as jargon-free and as simple as possible and we’ll always be honest with you.